Computer Music: Musc 216
Study Questions

A set of STUDY QUESTIONS will be assigned for almost every lecture and are designed to help the student review the material as well as THINK CRITICALLY about concepts.

The STUDY QUESTIONS are ONLINE self-grading forms which when completed and submitted will automatically record the grade in the student's Grade File. The STUDY QUESTIONS are often associated with Homework Assignments or required reading. Individual sets of STUDY QUESTIONS are listed in the Class Schedule.

Since the ONLINE study question and quizzes can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world, study questions and quizzes CANNOT be made up if not completed by the deadline (this includes students with excused absences).

STUDY QUESTIONS, Quizzes, and some Homework Assignments will all be graded collectively for a total of 20% of the overall grade.

See the Class Schedule for individual quizzes. "Pop-quizzes" will not be given.

Here are QUICK LINKS to the various STUDY QUESTIONS:

Must be completed by mid-semester (see individual Study Questions for exact dates and times):

Study Questions1
Study Questions2
Study Questions3

Study Questions4
Study Questions5
Study Questions6
Study Questions7
Study Questions8
Study Questions9

Must be completed by the end of the semester (see individual Study Questions for exact dates and times):

Study Questions10
Study Questions11
Study Questions12
Study Questions13
Study Questions14
Study Questions15

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