Computer Music: Musc 216
Required Materials

Students will be required to purchase the following materials:

a quantity (10-25) of writable CD's (CDR's)
a quantity of CD jewel cases or paper CD sleeves
a permanent marker to label your CD's
several 8.5 x 11 inch manilla envelopes

In addition, it would be advisable to purchase a Flash Memory device such as the LEXAR JUMPDRIVE

Check out this site for great prices on flash memory: TIGERDIRECT

Or, if you're stuck in the 20th century: 250 MG Zip Disk *

*We've had trouble in the past with zip disks. For example, large files (20Mg) would begin copying and then the OS would crash. Students with USB flash media never had problems. The lab manager believes he has solved the problem but the absolute reliability of ZIP disk media in this lab cannot be guaranteed.

Each computer workstation in the Electronic Classroom is equipped with a ZIP drive which will read/write 100Mg & 250Mg ZIP disks. 500 Mg disks will not work in these drives.